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Federal Signal Viper Dash Light -

Federal Signal Viper Dash Light, 329000-X

Federal Signal Viper Dash Light, Suction Cup Dash Light, 329000-X

Federal Signal Viper S2 Dash Light: 329000-2 1

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The Federal Signal Viper™ S2 with superior light output and easy pattern synchronization advances lighting expectations to a higher plateau. Exceptional warning capability, multiple model configurations, versatile mounting and simple product functionality make the Viper S2 stand out as the best internal warning light in the industry.

Advanced Solaris Reflective Light Output

Bold blocks of light and superior off-axis reflection are achieved using advanced Solaris™ reflector technology. Molded scalloped facets at the rear of the reflector direct LED light forward to form an impressive block of illumination. Two inboard side reflectors mirror high intensity LED light to the side producing wide-angle off-axis warning.

Easy Push Button Pattern Selection and Multi-Head Synchronization

Viper S2 lights are available in single- or dual-head configurations. Both styles are available with a cigarette plug, as a stand-alone type, or synchronized.  Stand-alone units work independently and have up to 23-patterns that are selected by an easy to reach push button switch. Synchronized units use an advanced two-phase wire technology that coordinates flash patterns between up to eight lights at once.

Synchronized light patterns can be set to work as either concurrent flash or opposite flash. The simple to use, multi-purpose push-button pattern switch is used to scroll forward and backward through patterns and also to synchronize the light heads.

Stylish Built-In Versatility

Viper S2 lights deliver dramatic light output and can be mounted almost anywhere inside the emergency vehicle. The housing is compact and made of lightweight polycarbonate which is safer in case of accident or air bag deployment. Mounting the Viper S2 is made quick and versatile with a swivel type bail bracket and suction cups. Each unit comes equipped with a Snap-On flash guard (no screws required) and reflective tape to help optimize forward LED light output. All models are shipped complete with flash guard, reflective tape, bracket and mounting hardware. Wire harness lengths are five feet long with synchronized units and nine feet long with cigarette plug units.