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TIR3 Surface Mount Warning Light by Whelen

RS(x)03ZCR / TIR3 Whelen

The TIR3 Series Super LED light module by Whelen offers small size but super bright light output. This compact lighthead is perfect for mounting in the grill, side mirrors, push bumpers, or numerous other applications. The TIR3 uses Gen3 LED's and over-sized reflectors with spreader optic lenses to fill the entire lighthead.

The TIR3 has a Scan-Lock flash pattern wire to change between 10 different built in flash patterns. This four wire TIR3 allows for synchronization for simultaneous or alternating patterns. All TIR3's come with clear outer lenses and colored LED's. Choose below either Horizontal or Vertical Mounting depending on your application needs.

Available Flash Patterns: Click Here
Not all flash pattern available on all models. Brightness reduced for display.


  • 3 Generation III LEDs with spreader optic lenses.
  • Standard Mode: 10 Scan-Lock Flash Patterns plus Steady Burn.
  • Sync Mode: 7 Scan-Lock Flash Patterns each with Phase 1 and Phase 2.
  • Four Wire Synchronization Version.
  • Fully encapsulated for vibration, moisture and corrosion resistance.
  • Black Surface Mount Flange Included Standard.
  • Designed for Horizontal Mounting.
  • Dimensions: 3-5/8" W x 1-5/16" H x 1-5/16" D.
  • 5-year warranty

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TIR3, RS(x)03ZCR by Whelen RS03ZCR

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TIR3 / RS03ZCR Whelen

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