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nForce LED Dual Dash Light by SoundOff Signal -

SoundOff nForce Dual Windshield Light, ENFDWS

SoundOff nForce Dual Windshield Light, ENFDWS

SoundOff nForce LED Dual Dash Light:

SoundOff nForce Dual Side-by-Side Interior Windshield Light
Intense Forward and Off-Angle Illumination
Driven by Nexus Technology


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Introducing the first full-line, tri-color family of perimeter lighting products on the market designed to integrate aesthetically and functionally with today's evolved police vehicle designs. Early in the design phase, a theme was created that would effectively blend with the next generation of police vehicles. Dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes were incorporated to minimize size and integrate with new vehicle styling.

Technical Specifications:

  • Flash Pattern: 12 Single color patterns, 12 Dual or 12 Tri-color pattern
  • Input Voltage: 10-16 Vdc standard or 10-30 Vdc custom order

Current Draw:                     10-16 Vdc

  • 6 LED Single Color             < 1.0 Amps @ 12.8Vdc
  • 6 LED Split Color               < 1.0 Amps @ 12.8Vdc
  • 9 LED Single Color             < 1.5 Amps @ 12.8Vdc
  • 12 LED Single Color            < 2.0 Amps @ 12.8Vdc
  • 12 LED Split Color              < 1.0 Amps @ 12.8Vdc
  • 18 LED Tri=Color                < 1.0 Amps @ 12.8Vdc

  • 11.35 in (28.8cm) L x 1.43 in (3.6cm) H x 5 in (12.7cm) D

  • SAE J595, Class 1 certified; CA Title 13, Article 22 compliant and EMC certified, 72/245/EEC
    5-year warranty