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nErgy 400 Series Button Console Siren by SoundOff Signal

                   nErgy 400 Series SOS

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SoundOff nErgy 400 Series Button Sirens: ETSA481CSP (100watt) & ETSA482CSP (200watt)

  • Console Sirens feature eight auxiliary buttons for one-touch prgramming and a three-postion slide switch to allow convenient switching for the most frequently used warning modes
  • Featues an eight-second buzzer alert to notify users that the level or auxiliary buttons are activated
  • Provides up to nine 10 amp and three 20 amp outputs with internal fuses for powering solenoids (i.e. gunlock) or supplying power and signaling to other onboard peripherals (printer, radar, GPS, etc.)
  • New switch panel graphics intergrate with the interiors of newly designed vehicles
    Dimmable red LED backlight
  • Cabling setup is the same as 380R Siren Series allowing for easy swap-in

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ETSA481CSP (100 Watt) Single Speaker Application List: $653.00 You Pay: $378.74 + Free Shipping  Buy Now

ETSA482CSP (200 Watt) Double Speaker Application    List: $767.00 You Pay: $444.86 + Free Shipping  Buy Now