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24" Legend Discreet Mini Lightbar by Federal Signal

Federal Signal Legend Mini Lightbar, Legend Discrete LPX24DZ

Federal Signal Products Legend 24" Mini Lightbar Discrete LPX:  LPX24DZ

Introducing a brilliant new way to improve safety - the Legend from Federal Signal. Featuring a popular, low-profile design for a stealthy appearance. The Legend provides 360-degree coverage and superior off-axis warning.

Patent-pending ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology eliminates 85% of potential failure points in the lightbar — reducing repair costs and increasing the hours your emergency or construction vehicles stay on the road. Our patent-pending Federal Signal Solaris design features the latest in LED reflector technology for a bright and intense off-axis light output.

Specifications & Features: 

  • New patent pending Solaris® high performance LED takedowns and worklights provide the brightness of halogens with less amp draw and GREATER light where you need it most
  • Low-profile linear lightbar design offers front and rear cut-off and dimming (light output reduced to approximately one-half intensity)
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) eliminates approximately 85% of the potential failure points in a typical lightbar
  • Lightbar can be reconfigured on the vehicle in a matter of minutes
  • Solaris LED reflector design maximizes warning signals at 360-degrees and 90-degrees off-axis
  • Advanced microprocessor controller provides three modes of operation and a library of pre-programmed flash patterns
  • LEDs are available in amber, blue, red, white, and green
  • Dimensions: 24.25”L X 2.5”H X 11.2”W
  • Five-year warranty

 Download and view the Legend Mini Bar in PDF format

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