NOTICE: Nov 22, 2016

A Note To Our Customers,

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From this point forward, we will no longer be carrying any Code3 or Ecco Products on our site or at our store.

Intersector Surface Mount Light by SoundOff Signal .

SoundOff Intersector Surface Mount Warning: ENT3B3(x) (Blk Housing) ENT3C3(x) (Chrome Housing) NT3W3(x) (White Housing)


The first light of it's kind with 9 all powerful Gen3 LEDs in this Intersector Surface Mount Warning Light offering 180°,  Wide Angle light penetration where safety is most critical for police, fire and construction vehicles - at intersections where accidents occur most. Now available with a surface mount & deck/grill bracket.

  • No other warning light offers 180 degree output 
    specially designed reflector amplifies & throws the light at the perfect angle to increase visibility at intersections & offer side warning
  • Optional Deck/Grill ("L") Bracket
    available for a variety of mounts such as push bumbers
  • Includes:
    Surface Mount Light in your choice of LED & Housing colors, neoprene gasket & mounting hardware for installation (Deck/Grill Bracket is ordered separately)

5-year No Hessle Warranty

$247.00 Sale Till Aug 31st 2014  50% off $123.50   BUY NOW