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From this point forward, we will no longer be carrying any Code3 or Ecco Products on our site or at our store.

HighLighter Rotator Mini Bar by Federal Signal

Highlighter Rotator Mini Lightbar

The popular HighLighter™ Mini-Lightbars provide exceptional warning power in a compact package. Just 15 inches long, these mini-lightbars are ideal for a variety of applications where full-length lightbars are not practical. HighLighter mini-lightbars combine large parabolic reflectors and brilliant 55-watt halogen bulbs to produce 80,000 candelas per flash. They have a durable, impact-resistant, polycarbonate dome and base for long service life, plus the raised base makes installation and maintenance quick and easy. These bars are available in permanent or magnetic mount and magnetic with suction. The magnetic mount version comes with a 10-foot cord and cigarette lighter plug adapter. All models meet SAE J845 Class 1 requirements. Dimensions 15"L x 9"W x 5"H Federal Signal

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