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GHOST Stop Tail LED Light by SoundOff Signal


GHOST LED Stop/Tail light for motorcycles, cars, trucks & buses. A great feature for added visibility and to warn the vehicles behind you that you are about to stop. The GHOST Stop/Tail LED lights red with a steady low power for your running light. Wow, look out when you hit the brake. This all powerful GHOST provides 5 bright flashes and then remains on full power red after the 5 flashes while brake is active. Available in a black, chrome & white housing with most models and ships with 3M Super Duty Adhesive body tape in the Multi-Mount. 5-year warranty.

Multi-Mount (top Picture) $163.00  Sales Price: $89.65  Click Here

Surface Mount (2nd Picture) $163.00 Sales Price: $89.65  Click Here

Recess Mount (3rd Picture)  $163.00  Sales Price: $89.65  Click Here

Rock Mount  (4th Picture)  $193.00 Sales Price: $104.25  Click Here

GHOST Stop Tail Multi Mnt

GHOST Stop Tail Surface  Mnt

GHOST Stop Tail Recess Mnt

GHOST Stop Tail Light

General Video Showing Mounting Options for the GHOST Stop Tail
Not actual Stop Tail Light