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From this point forward, we will no longer be carrying any Code3 or Ecco Products on our site or at our store.

WL36WBARC, WL72WBARC & WL120WBARC                  
Series LED Cree Work / Flood Lights by Custer Products

LED Cree Flood / Work Lights for Construction Towing and Fire Trucks

  1. WL36WBARC   3240 Lumens
    (36 watt 12 Diodes 7 in L x 4 1/2 in H) Amp Draw: 2.9 amps @ 13.6v
  2. WL72WBARC   5200 Lumens
    (72 watt 24 Diodes 14 in L x 4 1/2 in H) Amp Draw: 5.5 amps @ 13.6
  3. WL120WBARC 8620 Lumens
    (120 watt 40 Diodes 21 1/2 in L x 4 1/2 in H) Amp Draw: 10 amps @ 13.6v

These new light bars feature LED Cree diodes for high power and high visibility for the thoughest ATV and Extreme Off Roading you can imagine. Great for jeep lights, ATV Lights and Construction Truck Lighting up the night work area. These bars operate 10-30Vdc and are built from solid aluminum housing that can be rotated 180° so that you can mount horizontally or verically. Aluminum housing resist water and dust with an IP rating: IP67 Mounting brackets included with each bar sold.

WL36WBARC    3240 Lumens. List: $153.00  Sale 20% off: $122.40 Buy Now

WL72WBARC    5200 Lumens. List: $265.00  Sale 25% off: $198.75 Buy Now

WL120WBARC  8620 Lumens. List: $430.00  Sale 30% off: $301.00 Buy Now